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Homebuyer Electrical Testing

By Registered Electricians in Sheffield

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Homebuyer Electrical Report

Get an EICR for the property if your seller doesn't provide one.

If the property does not have any electrical installation certificates or EICR reports which are current your surveyor will always recommed you to obtain one with good reason.

We test properties all over Sheffield and have years of experience in electrical testing & fault finding. Along with any report we always provide a simple and clear non-jargon explanantion of what may be required to bring any failing property up to current regulation standard.

homebuyer electrical survey in Sheffield
EICR for property sellers sheffield

Home Seller EICR

Get one done before the solicitors ask for one a couple of days before completion!!

It's one of our most common emergency call outs. A last minute snag that happens all too often.

If you don't have a current installation certificate or EICR for your electrics i guarantee your buyers solicitor will ask for one before completing the sale. We have conducted one of these the night before our cutomers were due to complete their sale and i genuinely don't think it was a particularly pleasant experience for all concoerned. Seller, buyer and electrician!

Take the initiative now and avoid the stress.

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